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Hwb Access & Addtional Services

Hwb is an online platform which gives all teachers and learners access to a wide range of bilingual digital tools and resources to support teaching and learning.  Many of the resources are available to the public at and parents/carers are encouraged to visit the website.  Hwb is funded and managed by the Welsh Government for the benefit of all maintained schools in Wales.


During 2018/2019 the Welsh Government’s statutory National Reading and Numeracy Tests will begin the transition (over a three-year period) to personalised assessments, eventually replacing the current paper-based national tests.  All learners must be provided with a secure ‘Hwb login’ in preparation for these online assessments and our school will securely send specific information (as detailed in the Hwb Privacy Notice) to the Welsh Government to facilitate this.


Hwb Additional Services

As well as facilitating the personalised assessments, the Welsh Government offers, through Hwb, additional educational services to every learner.  Your child will benefit from online access (on any web connected device) to educational resources including Microsoft 365 (including Word, Excel and Outlook e-mail), Google G Suite for Education, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Just2easy, Flipgrid and other relevant educational tools and resources. The Welsh Government fully supports the use of these educational resources and there is no cost to you or to our school for your child to use them. 


In order to enable your child to access these additional services, we need you to give your consent.

Consent for Hwb Additional Services (English)

Hwb Addtional Services Parent Consent

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