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Our Vision and Values


A community developing happy, caring and confident children with a positive attitude towards life and learning.


The values we promote in all members of our community:

  • Respect each other by being polite and considerate at all times;
  • Tolerance by listening to and appreciating other people’s point of view
  • Honesty and integrity by always telling the truth, doing our best and taking responsibility for our own actions;
  • Kind and helpful by sharing, and offering assistance, support and comfort where it is needed;
  • Confident and happy by encouraging people and helping them to improve;
  • Friendly by playing together and including everyone;
  • Healthy and safe by looking out for things that might hurt us, eating healthy food and taking part in exercise.

Our Diamond Rules



The number of children on roll is approximately 200, plus we have a 48 - part time place nursery on site.

The nursery serves other schools as well as Bryn Deri and there are good transition links particularly with Radyr Primary. The children in our care are from three to eleven years of age. The numbers of pupils in the nursery increases with the a new intake at the beginning of every term


The County Council (CC) Policy on Admission Arrangements to School.

The County Council is the Admissions Authority for all maintained Community Primary, Junior and Infant schools.


Bryn Deri can admit 30 children into each year group. A child reaches compulsory school age on the day following his/her fifth birthday. County Council schools admit children on a full time basis in the September of the year in which the child has his/her fifth birthday. Children can attend the nursery the term after their 3rd Birthday.


If the school is oversubscribed, the children are given priority according to criteria set by the County Council in order to be as consistent and as fair as possible.


We try to ensure that every child makes as smooth a transition into school as possible, be it from home or nursery. Before the children attend school, they are invited, with their parents, to spend time in school getting to know their new surroundings and meeting new friends and teachers. Most of the children in the Reception class come from Bryn Deri Nursery, but some come from private nursery schools/playgroups. This helps greatly towards an easy transition into the Reception class.

Parents wishing to enrol their children to Bryn Deri Primary are very welcome to visit the school.


Pupils with Disabilities

The admission arrangements to the School are the same for both disabled and able-bodied pupils. Bryn Deri implements a policy of complete integration. Ramps or ground level access is in place at entrance points, also toilets for the disabled are available. If asked to admit an adult or pupil with specific needs we will endeavour to make appropriate arrangements

Estyn Inspection Report 2019

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