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Frozen Kingdom



Science - As part of the work we've been learning about with states of mater and whether materials are reversible or irreversible, can you please investigate whether: wax, paper, bread, ice, chocolate and saltwater are reversible or irreversible materials. Bring your findings into school to help you conclude the investigation.




English - Continue to learn the words for the songs, and to add to your digital scrap book.


Maths - Active learn game allocated to you all.




English - Continue to learn the words for the songs, and to add to your digital scrap book.


Maths - Active learn game allocated to you all.






The Christmas concepts are fast approaching. For literacy homework I'd like you to take a look at the songs that are here. Please start to learn the songs.


Please continue to add what you have learnt to your digital scrap book on hwb.




I have allocated an active learn game for you all, please recap this weeks learning.






This weeks homework will be the start of a digital scrap book. Over the next couple of weeks you will add to it the information you learn, images, video links, web links and anything else you will find interesting about the 'Frozen Kingdom'.


To begin your digital scrap book you will need to login to hwb and open up office 365. When in Office 365 you are going to use Notebook. I have created a new section for you called 'Frozen Kingdom'. Within this section you are able to create pages. You can name these pages what ever you wish based on what you are learning, for example 'Icebergs', 'Antarctica' and 'Animals'.


As homework this week, I'd like you to create a new page and name it 'Icebergs' as this is what you've been covering with Mr Waters and Miss Adair. Within this page I'd like you to write any information about icebergs that you've learnt, you may also copy and paste pictures from google, include weblinks of any sites you think are good reference points for further reading and information. I have created a screencast to help:   

Digital Scrapbook.mp4

Still image for this video

Click here to go to the hwb login page.




I have allocated a new game for you on active learn, click here to take you to the log in site.


27/10/17 - Half Term Homework




Take a look at the Frozen Kingdom information sheet above. This will be our next topic after half term. At the bottom of this sheet there are some fun ideas for you to enjoy working on over half term. 




I have allocated some fun 'active learn' games online for everyone, these are based on this terms work. I have also added some challenge sheets above for you to work on to recap this terms learning, how will you get on? If there are some areas where you need a little more work why not change the numbers and create new sums to challenge yourself further.


Sorry I haven't been able to be with you the last 2 weeks! Have a good half term, you all deserve it! Mr Eldridge  

From little acorns, tall oak trees grow