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ICT - Become familiar with the Google docs on the hwb. Can you complete the assignment set on creating a presentation using Slides. This research will support you with the group project next week.


Maths - Maths sheet to complete please.


Spelling - Please learn this weeks spellings. 




Maths - Complete maths sheet

Spellings - Learn the spellings + write a sentence which includes the word showing your understanding of what it means. 




ICT - If you'd like to continue your scratch game then go to:  1976


Maths - Maths homework sheet on multiplying, dividing and decimals. I have allocated an online game for you all on active learn. 


Literacy - Spellings for a test next week. On bug club you all have outstanding books that you need to read, please read these and do the activities with them.




This week's homework is to research Henry VIII's 6 wives. Could you research the basic information please, even if it is about 1 of them. This research will support your activities in class next week.


Many of you still have active learn maths games to complete online.




Literacy - 100 word challenge. Can you write a short 100 story (ish) using the following prompts in you writing:

                                         Teacher   Alligator   Mauve   Climbed   Tricky

This homework is set from the 100WC website, and there is a weekly prompt to support children's writing. If this 100wc isn't set some weeks then you are more than welcome to have a go yourself :)


Maths - Worksheet on subtracting using the frog method. Active learn game allocated to you also for you to play and learn.


DT/Science - Please bring in recycled materials allowing you to build your sail boat on Monday. 




Digital Literacy - Create a poster on staying safe online. Think about what you learnt yesterday during our e-safety lesson during discussions and using the thinkyouknow website. 


Maths - Ababus active learn online game has been allocated to you. Click here to access the website. 

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