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5th December 2018.

Homework this week will be to look at probability. Work will be sent home in homework books and see below.

You can always extend this activity by coming up with some statements of your own.


Mrs Netherway.

Homework 29th November


There are spellings to learn in the children's homework books this week.

Homework 21st November 2018

We are currently practising for the Christmas Concert. The songs and lyrics are on the school webpage, so take some time to learn the words.

This weeks homework takes an artistic theme. Look at an example of a decorative bottle and draw a sketch of it.

Look at perfume bottles or any example that you can find.

Mrs Netherway.

Homework. Using Maths everyday. 15th November 2018

8th November 2018.

Homework for next week. We will be focusing on exploring States of Matter. Can the children bring to school a small plastic bottle and a balloon. Can you also access  Reading Bugs on Active Learn. Books have been updated recently.


Mrs Netherway.

October 24th 2018. Half Term Homework.

4th October 2018

Homework this week will be to research and write a paragraph about a Roman invention.

Challenge for thought!

How did this invention impact on British life?


This weeks homework is a reading task about the Romans. Try to read the text and answer the questions. See below the link.


8th October 2018.

Maths Factor.

This weeks homework will be to access the set course on your Active Learn account. This will support our work in the classroom where we are reinforcing the x3 and x6 tables. We are planning to achieve quick mental recall. Follow the course and progress through the stages at your own pace.

If you have difficultly accessing your account do not hesitate to inform us. We will help asap.


Mrs Netherway.

From little acorns, tall oak trees grow