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Alchemy Island



Maths - Maths homework sheet on multiplication and division.


Reading - Book allocated to you. 


Writing - 100 word challenge. Here are 5 words to prompt you in writing your 100 words. Use these 5 words in an imaginative and create way as possible. 


Hazy       Down        Flew        Slowly       Gold




Half term homework:

Maths - A maths Active Learn game has been set for you. Please could you also work through the mistakes that you have made on the class tests.


Lit/ICT - Carry on with your fantasy portal presentations. You will need to open your presentation through Hwb, however you'll need to open this with a desktop version of powerpoint to create hyperlinks from the images. If you do not have powerpoint desktop version you will still be able to create the pages and place portal images on the online version of powerpoint.


Welsh - Please practice the eisteddfod song and poem. You also have the homework task to complete. All may be found here.



From little acorns, tall oak trees grow