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All children have a right to an education (Article 28 UN convention on the Rights of the Child)

It is important that children attend school on a regular basis and that they maintain a good pattern of attendance throughout their school career. It is also important that if your child is sick, he/she must stay at home.  It is a statutory requirement that we account for all absences. Therefore, if your child is absent, we would ask that you let us know the reason for his/her absence. You may do this in many ways.


  • Email the school office
  • Telephone the school office 02920843328 (please leave a message)

The School Day


Morning Session 08.55-12.00

Whole School Afternoon Session 12.55-15.30 (KS2)

Afternoon Session 13.15-15.30 YR- Y2

Morning Session 09.10-11.40 Nursery

Afternoon Session 12.45-15.15 Nursery


Doors to the school open at 08:50 for pupils and registration begins at 08:55.

Children are able to enter the school directly from the playground providing the weather is favourable. If the weather is wet or icy, children will be admitted into the school from 08:45 and supervised until 08:55 by staff, the Deputy Headteacher and Headteacher.

From little acorns, tall oak trees grow