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Homework Updates - 11th Nov

Thank you to all parents for supporting your children to complete homework tasks.


Queen Victoria is very amused with all of your hard work recently.  Please make sure you keep up with your homework tasks as this really does support your work in the classroom.  Our aim now is to put up some classroom displays of your lovely work.


Very proud of the way you all came to school dressed up!  We had a wonderful day. 


Mrs Netherway, Mrs Jones and Miss Coomber are very proud of you when you have been trying to answer some difficult questions about the Victorians during comprehension activities.


We could all do with practise on finding the symmetrical lines in 2D shapes. Look at the websites on Year 4 webpage and please complete homework. Remember not all of the shapes have lines of symmetry and some have more than one. Think carefully and use your observational skills. Diolch Mrs Netherway.

From little acorns, tall oak trees grow