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Christmas concert song 1 to practise at home.



In The Marketplace (Vocal).mp3

In The Marketplace (Instrumental).mp3



Please find attached below the homework for year 3 during Half Term. Children have been given spelling books, in which they can practise their spellings. I have attached a Numeracy piece of work on doubling and halving numbers following on from this week's learning.



Team Year 3



With the Year 3 Class Assembly on the horizon, this week's homework will be based around this. Please could children film a short clip of themselves exercising or playing a sport of their choice. The clip should be no longer than 15 seconds. Please upload to Google Classroom.



Team Y3



Please can children practise these spellings at home. We have began looking at words that have the 'A' sound in them. Please find attached the words that we will be working on. There is nothing to be handed in as such but children will be using these words next week.


Team Y3



Create your own song or rhyme to help you learn the 3 times table. This week in school we have been learning our 3 times table. To help with this we have been listening to a 3 times table song. For homework could children create their own tune to sing/perform the 3 times table to. Children can make up their own tune or use a favourite song and change the words! Feel free to use instruments and at the request of the children feel free to dress up in your favourite clothes/outfit if you are choosing to record your performance.



Team Y3

(If you are unable to record, a photograph or a written copy of the work is fine)



For this week's homework could children please create a conversation in Welsh about the weather. Children can either write this conversation down on paper and upload it to google classroom or video record themselves having their conversation in Welsh. Please see the PowerPoint from this week's lesson below.



Team Y3



Can you make a Celtic Roundhouse? You can make your Roundhouse in a variety of ways, the choice is up to you! Examples - Minecraft Education, Lego, junk modelling... Please upload a photo of your creation to Google Classroom as you cannot bring your fantastic work into school at the moment.



Team Y3

A guide to using Google Classroom

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