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Do you recall


Verse 1           Well, cast your mind back to a time

                       When the sun would always seem to shine,

                       And something new would happen every day.

                       When, with silver foil and a pot of glue,

                       A corn-flakes box and a cardboard tube

                       You’d make a rocket ship in which you’d take a trip

                       And blast off to the moon!

                       We want to know, do all of you recall   (pointing at audience)

                       This happening to you?


        Verse 2                Well, cast your mind back to the days

                              Of break-time milk and nativity plays,

                              And coat pegs that were labelled with your name.

                              When it really didn’t bother you

                              If your right foot was in your left shoe,

                              And which was front or back of your anorak -

                              You really hadn’t a clue!

                              We want to know, do all of you recall

                              This happening to you?


Middle   (one group sings ‘Way back’ and another sings the rest of the line)

                 (Way back) When the only things that caused concern

                 (Way back) Were a list of spellings to learn,      

                 (Way back) How to use a knife and fork,  

                 (Way back) When to be quiet and when to talk.

                 (Way back) What to do with a runny nose?

(All)             There are those, would you believe,

       Used to wipe it on their sleeve!


        Verse 3                Well, cast your mind back to a time

                             When the day would end with a nursery rhyme

                             Or with a chapter of your favourite book.

                             When the bell would ring as a sign for you

                             To line yourselves up in a queue,

                             And then you’d dash to mum,

                             Or maybe Dad, who’d come

                             To pick you up from school.

                             We want to know, do all of you recall

                             This happening to you?

                             This happening to you?        




 Telling the time

Verse 1           Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock,

                            Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

                            One question causing me concern

                       Is why a clock has hands that turn

                      Around its face at different speeds.

                       It takes the little hand a day

                       Or night to go round all the way,

                       While one hour’s all the big hand needs!

                       All this confuses me, mystifies and bemuses me!

                       Who said it was simple telling the time?


Verse 2          The big hand points straight up to show

                       Something o’clock. And then to know

                       The hour, consult the little hand.

                       I’ve more or less now mastered that,

                       But quarter-to and quarter-past

                       Are still quite hard to understand.

                       All this just baffles me, irritates and hassles me!

                       Who said it was simple telling the time?

                       Well now…..


        Chorus          One is one if the little the hand is on it,

                              But counts as five if the big hand arrives!

                              And three is three to the little hand, you see,

                              But means fifteen if the big hand has been!

                              And twenty minutes to the hour

                              Is shown by number eight! Oh great!

                              Maybe I should learn to tell the time

                              Before it’s too late!


Verse 3          It never used to be so bad,

                       The clock was just for mum and dad

                       To organise their busy day.

                       The only times that bothered me

                       Were when to eat and when to sleep,

                       And when to put my toys away.

                       But, with SATs ahead of me,

                       The clock is ticking, literally,

                       And I should get to grips with telling the time!

                       But it’s so hard ’cause…..


        Chorus          One is one…..



 I've been sent to the head


Verse 1           I’ve been sent to the head!

                       I’m guessing it’s for something I said.

                       Well, all I did was mention

                       That it was my intention

                       To paint the class hamster red,

                       Though I never really meant to,

                       But now I’ve been sent to the head!


        Verse 2                    I’ve been sent to the boss!

                              I reckon that the reason’s because

                              I put some old PE socks

                              Inside the teacher’s lunch box,

                              And I suppose it made her cross,

                              Though I never really meant to,

                              But now I’ve been sent to the boss!


Verse 3          I’ve been sent to the chief,

                       To give my teacher half an hour’s relief!

                       ’Cause with my constant humming,

                       My tapping and my drumming,

                       I’m causing her a whole load of grief,

                       Though I never really meant to,

                       But now I’ve been sent to the chief!


        Verse 4                    I’ve been sent to the head!

                              And now I’m filled with fear and with dread!

                              ’Cause according to my teacher

                              The head’s a monstrous creature

                              Who eats children for breakfast,

                              Wears their eyeballs as a necklace,

                              And with their bones she’s ground up

                              She’ll…..hang on! Am I being wound up?

                              Well, I guess I’ll soon find out

                              If it’s true ’cause I’m about to see the head!



 Football, Netball, Drama, Dance


Verse 1           It’s the end of the day, I put my books away,

                       And I’m waiting

                       For the last bell to ring, and then I’ll be heading

                       Out the door.

                       But I’m not homeward bound, I’ll be sticking around,

                       ’Cause my extra-curricular activity

                       Starts at half past three. I can choose from…


        Chorus 1     Football, netball, drama, dance,

                              French for beginners or the more advanced.

                              Keep fit, hairdressing, archery,

                              Or even Michelin-star cookery!


Verse 2          I acknowledge the fact that a grounding in Maths

                       Is important,

                       And I see there’s a need to be able to read

                       And to write.

                       But what I really love is all the other stuff

                       That school lays on when the work is done,

                       To occupy some of my spare time. I can choose from…


        Chorus 2     Cricket, rugby, tennis, gym,

                              Clarinet, percussion or the violin.

                              Plumbing, bricklaying, carpentry,

                              Or how to qualify to drive an HGV!


Verse 3          History is alright and geography’s quite


                       As for science, well yes, as a subject I guess

                       It ain’t bad.

                       But what goes on outside the classroom is what I’d

                       Love to do for the whole day through.

                       Oh, how divine to fill my time choosing from….


        Chorus 3     Painting, sculpture, pottery,

                              Bee-keeping, farming or forestry!

                              Sailing a yacht in force-ten gales,

                              Or even scuba diving with hump-back whales!

                              Driving cars in a Grand Prix race,

                              Manning a mission into outer space!

                              Developing alternatives to fossil fuel…..

                              All of it’s on offer after school…….honest!

Do you recall?

Telling the time

I've been sent to the head

Football. netball, drama, dance

From little acorns, tall oak trees grow