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Dydd Mawrth

So first off Mrs Jones and Mrs Davies came into our rooms after a long night of trying to get to sleep to wake us up at 7:30, to get up and get dressed to go down to breakfast. There was Cornflakes, Rice crispies, Weetabix and toast (delicious!) After that we headed upstairs to go to the common room to play games and to be given information on the days activities. We got ready to go Canoeing, we had to wear wellies, lots of layers and our waterproofs.


We hopped on the mini bus and we were ready to set off to the Canal. We finally arrived at the canal and got all the canoes ready to go for a journey in the water. We got in the canoes of 3 and we were pushed off into the canal, we had a couple of races with each other, crashed into walls and THORNS (OUCH!), met a couple of canal boats and got SPLASHED BY MR ELDRDGE! (Who knew he was so childish?)


We arrived at the last bridge and got out of the canoes and had our tasty lunch, and then we had a looonnnnggg verse of bungalow. (This is wear things get interesting), Mr Eldridge splashed us even more but Cocos team won to the end of the canal river. We put all the canoes back on the trailer which was hard but we did it(phew). This was the moment we have all been waiting for, we finally got to JUMP IN THE CANAL! it was so cold! First of all we slid down a canoes into the river and Mr Eldridge filmed us on his Go Pro it was hilarious. And Haneefah was filmed saying she didn’t want to go in, in the end Haneefah went for the HEAD FIRST DIVE and everyone was cheering at her (YAY!). Then we all linked arms and fell backwards into the river but Jacob SLIPPED and PULLED COCO in and then EVERYONE FELL IN (WOO HOO).

When we were finished one of the staff members said whoever wants a HOT SHOWER get in the mini bus so everyone ran! When we got back everyone emptied their wellies and took their waterproofs off and ran in the Shower.


Our evening activities involved a lot of team work. We had to follow a rope around the woods, however this was the easy part. One of the 6 in the group was blind folded, another had to give them directions, and the other 4 had to carry a welly full of water between them, hopefully not spilling much. We spilt about 12cm, other groups had less and some spilt more.


We had an evening snack and drink then we had to go to bed (HUMFF).

From little acorns, tall oak trees grow