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Language, Literacy and Communication

For the Tudor project the children were set an 'Innovative Project' on William Shakespeare. The children were given the following scenario:

  • The National History Museum are creating a Tudor section in which they would like to demonstrate facts, figures and information about the era to tourists.
  • You have been allocated the role of a historian. You must research in depth William Shakespeare.
  • You must decide on methods to present your information (digitally, artistically, written portfolio, 3D models or a combination.


To be successful in their project the children had to complete the following tasks:

  • Find out about the life of William Shakespeare.
  • Create an artistic representation of W.S.
  • Use a range of forms to create a portfolio of your famous person.
  • Write an autobiography on the life of William Shakespeare.
  • Act out a short section from one of William Shakespeare’s famous plays.
  • Track where you found your evidence and demonstrate your findings to the audience.
  • Consider what impact the life of the famous person had on society and their legacy.
  • Complete maths problems on the Globe Theatre.
  • Create a 3D model of the Globe theatre replicating the London theatre that was built by Shakespeare.
  • Present your findings to an audience using a range of media including ICT at the opening event of the gallery in just under 2 weeks time.


There were some fantastic presentations showing great oracy and team building skills to bring all the tasks together.


With assessment and improvement in mind the children produced a final group autobiography. Here are their final drafts.  

From little acorns, tall oak trees grow