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Some of you may not have completed last weeks homework. One of the reasons was not having flash 7 installed on your computers, please could you install this.

The second homework is to complete your infographic from class.

For those of you who are keen, have a go at J2blast on hwb, how many points can you achieve?



As part of our ecoday I'd like you to calculate how much water your family uses. Please go to the bbc water usage calculator. Click here. Please bring your findings into school so that we can investigate the results.




Write a detailed description of your experiences on bikes. This could include this weeks cycle proficiency course, any previous rides you may have done with your family and friends, any cycling you may have done on holiday, visits the the bike park/ramps, clubs that you attend, etc. Please use thoughts, opinions and reasons on the points that you make. You may wish to include pictures. You may wish to complete this homework in your homework books or on hwb using word and email the word document to me. Remember to include a title and think about a success criteria for your writing also.



Please complete the maths worksheet. 




Can you research and write down any acronyms that are computer related e.g CPU - Central Processing Unit. 



Please complete the evidence sheet showing what IT work you have done which are stored on the OneDrive. You will need to login to hwb and then open up Office 365.




From little acorns, tall oak trees grow