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Alchemy island 2 - Synopsis


This is where your adventure begins in Alchemy island 2 where you can venture in to the mystery`s and puzzles of are new game. Create your own characters and your own happiness as swell. You travel through countless islands for the machine of gold held by a monstrous being. You may or may not survive. Now journey into the unknown because "we create for others joy".



This game is about strategy and exploration. If you don't like your idea's for charters just upload a charter from us. Your mission is to find a machine of gold and find evil but posed grand farther and your dad hidden away on a island and you have to solve problems to get there. Every mission you complete you get slips of paper that will take you to the temple of Alchemy Island. 


Watch out this game has physics witch means you can die by falling drowning and burning. This game is free world but there are certain areas you can not go to like leaving your exploration area if you leave you boundary's you will be reported and if you be reported 3 times you will be band from the game. Now know this we create for others joy.



Venture into the realm of Alchemy Island 2. Adventures become harder and harder but this is another level. In Alchemy Island 2 there are two main characters the rest are either NPC's or online players, get ready for a once in a lifetime event in Alchemy Island 2.


Character description


In our game you do not have your character chosen for you, instead you customise your own character. But there is an option to use characters that have bean voted best characters of the year already made by other players. So there is not much to tell except for no matter what character you create all beings have the same amount of lives with 30hp and 5 regenerates. Another thing all beings have in common is no matter what character you make your task is still to find the gold machine. Apart from those things it all varies by the choices you make. So go and have fun on our game because “we create for others joy”.    



There are two main character's Matilda and Rex or you can create your own character's. Matilda and Rex have special ability's. Rex's ability's  are bravery, problem solving and a reader. Matilda's ability's are mathematician, heath regeneration and healer. But only use your ability's for good oh and watch out for the forces of evil. 



Matilda and rex are the main characters but you can create your own name. You can create your own strengths and weaknesses like strength and you can find potions that can give you special abilities and witch ever skin you choose a different abilities.



The two main characters are Rex, Matilda

Rex: problem solver, storage man, intelligent and strength

Matilda: Sensitive, fast and aggressive





In this game it is advised that it is looked at by a parent or guardian before played by player/child. There are no scenes of violence except for a fight with a lion and fight with a guard there but is no blood shed in either scenes. The age rating on our game is 10+ children under this rating may play but only with parents notification. If found playing the game being under aged and no notification from parents  they shale be banned for one month. The only reason we are doing this is because some of the problems will trouble them and cause them stress. Because in our game we have had amazing technology and we do not want to use our technology to stress our players we want it to be hard but not impossible. Now the only thing left is for you to enjoy are game because "we create for others joy".  


  1. First you must login and create your character then click start 
  2. Next read the story line and  then try to pilot your boat through the storm
  3. Once through the storm and with the watch In your possession proceed Into the island castle  
  4. When you have reached the castle tasks will appear once completed a task different rewards shall be  given to you and you have the choice to put it in your inventory or throw on the floor  
  5. At the end of one of the final scenes it shows a small scene of you finding the machine with your fathers initials on it your next task is to get your dads machine onto your boat 
  6. Once through your mission your final task is to chose to buy alchemy island 3  
  7.  Now the only thing left is for you to enjoy are game because "we create for others joy".




WASD to go back, forward, left and right E to pick up items I to access inventory

M to access map space bar to jump f to interact with NPCs, trapdoors and doors

Hold down f to skip cut scene g to equip special ability



The instruction's for this game is simple so to move it is W,A,S,D (this game is pc only).

To look in your backpack you click the I button. To pick up object's you click the p button.

To jump you click the space button. To sit down you click the F button and to stand up you click the H button.

Now finally the last control button is the interaction button witch can open door's talk to people and work the gold machine. 



Press play.

Create a character.





Most important rule is have fun!


Alchemy Island II Theme Tunes

Alchemy Island II theme tune 2.mp3

Alchemy Island II theme tune 3.mp3

Game Design Cover


Alchemy Island 2 - Game maps

From little acorns, tall oak trees grow