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Dydd Llun

Hello! I'm writing this blog from Storey Arms, in Brecon. It's now the evening, and what a day we've had! This morning our class of 30 pupils set off in our coach, with all our suitcases and backpacks (and of course a secret stash of sweeties!) Within a mere half hour consisting of chatting, singing and the odd haribo we had arrived at Storey Arms! We gathered into the common room, were given instructions, unpacked and all of the sudden we were summoned to our first activity!


The first activity was a wet and muddy trek in a scenic forest, right next to roaring rapids and tumbling waterfalls! We discovered that children weren’t the only ones to splash in puddles! (Mr Eldridge!!!)


In our thick water – proofs we trudged along the wild path for hours on end, soaked to the bone and stinging with cold (best day ever!) Finally we reached our mini – bus, and drove back to Storey arms – soaked but happy!


After a wash and a relax in our rooms we were called to our next Adventure - This was a wild, rainy trek through the Brecon hills, with no adults to help us – only our small team of determined children. We passed fields, streams and forests but we got to Storey Arms in the end! All the girls relaxed with a soothing hot shower, a yummy dinner of chips and pizza (with fruit salad and ice cream for dessert, mm!) and a flapjack for supper. Sleepily, our class made our way to our dorms and finally, after a long day, we fell asleep. Goodnight!

From little acorns, tall oak trees grow