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Storey Arms

Find out what each group in Y5 have been getting up to at Storey Arms.

Group 1

Day 1

On Monday we were spilt-up into 3 groups 1, 2 and 3. Once we had unpacked our bags we had lunch (ham rolls, crisps and apples), then we went for our first activity which for my group (1) was a river walk, but the river walk turned into more of a waterfall jump with swimming and cannonballing.

After that we had tea which was pizza and chips (with veg) and chocolate sponge for pudding. The evening activity which required teamwork an involved directing a blindfolded person and carrying a bag of water through the woods following a rope.


Day 2

The next morning, we had breakfast which was cereal. We left for the days activity, our group did canoeing. At the end we did a superman slide which involved turning a canoe upside down and running and sliding down it into the canal! When we returned to the centre we’ve just had pie for tea which was good, but I don’t know what we’re doing for our evening activity.



Group 2

Day 1

On Monday morning we got all our stuff together and unpacked it into our rooms with 1 or 2 people of our choice. After we had tidied our bedrooms we went down for a delicious lunch. As soon as we had finished it was about one o’clock and soon enough we were split into three groups. Two of the groups walked a mountain called Fan Fwar Then the others went to walk up rivers! We were all tired when we got back so we had some free time to just relax and spend time with our friends. We went down for tea, got our stuff ready and started the next evening activity. This was a team exercise that evolved someone being blindfolded and another holding a water balloon, we took it in turns being blind folded and holding the balloon as we made our way around the woods. This activity evolved teamwork and everyone helping each other out.


Day 2

On Tuesday morning everyone went down for breakfast and got ready. We then got ready for our outing for the day by packing our rucksack and putting the right equipment needed. 2 groups went caving and the other one group went canoeing. After getting back, everyone had a well needed shower, went for tea then went to see what our next activity was in the common room. Surprisingly we had to drive out of Story Arms and be dropped off by the instructor in the valley. We started walking back to Story Arms by ourselves in groups (with the instructor looking over us) back to story arms. We are now getting ready for bed and hoping for another exiting day at Story Arms tomorrow!


Group 3

Day 1

On the first day of the Storey Arms trip, group 3 went up a huge mountain called Fan Fawr. The group had an amazing adventure up the mountain, and crossed field after field on the way. We saw loads and loads of sheep, and stopped on the way on rocks for water that we packed into our rucksacks before the journey through the beautiful landscape. When we reached the summit (a neat pile of rocks), two girls did a handstand just to prove that that they could climb a mountain and do gym. In the evening we did a fun game where one person was blindfolded, and another was holding a plastic bag full to bursting with water called the water baby. You could not pop the water baby on the way or else you will be disqualified. The person blindfolded had to hold on to a rope guided by their team mates who lead them through the midgy forest. When you have accomplished your journey through the forest you can if you want pop the water baby. When you have given back all the stuff we have used we went up into our room and waited for tea time. When it was tea time we ate our delicious meals and then went up to the common room and waited till we were told to go and make our packed lunch for the next day. When we had packed our pack lunches for the next day we went to get our pyjamas on and then we went back to the common room to play a few games. We had a snack and a drink before we went to bed.


Day 2

The next morning, we woke up with a very full day ahead of us. We got ready to go into the common room. In the common room one of the instructors called Damien told us what to wear and what we were doing. It turned out his group (group 3) and Alistair’s group (another instructor with group 2) went caving, and group 1 (Mr. Eldridge’s group) went canoeing. When we went caving there were a load of tiny holes to go through, such as the Wormhole, the Letter Box, the Death Ledge, the Washing Machine, the Cheese Grater and the Toilet. They were all deep into the cave, and as a good consequence there were no more midges. We got very wet and cold! The washing machine was the most wet, and when it was lunch time we went back to the mini bus and ate our food on the grass next to it. We all had a sandwich, a bag of crisps, some chocolate and a piece of fruit. Yum! There was a variety of fillings for your sandwich such as tuna sweetcorn, chicken mayo, egg mayo, ham, turkey, and cheese. But, additionally, you could put in some salad with your filling. The crisps flavours were ready salted or cheese and onion, and the chocolate was freddo frog, the fruit choices were apples or bananas. We did a bit more caving, and then went back to Storey Arms. Our evening activity was walking on a trail to the minibus from Storey Arms – all on our own! When we got back, we went to bed and got to sleep as fast as we could.


All groups - Day 3

Today in storey arms all groups went on a gorge walk through rapids, waterfalls and rivers. We crawled through and under small spaces. Some groups crawled through and jumped off cold waterfalls and plunged into cold tubs as some people say. Some children jumped off loonies leap which is a platform around 6m high. All of the children were wet because of crawling under a waterfalls and jumping off into a cold lakes and a rapids. Mr Eldridge did backflips jumping off the loonies leap. We all had a go at jumping off waterfalls and various stones along the route. We also made a human dam to stop the water from going down. Once the water increased in height behind us we stood up and the force of the river carried us down the river into the pool below. Some children had their ups and downs but in the end we were all happy and had a laugh.   

From little acorns, tall oak trees grow