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Digital Literacy


Id like you to combine your reading skills and online safety/IT skills this week and use the online cyber cafe at This activity will support the work we are doing in ICT in school. Please click here to open up the link to the cyber café. I'd like you to take a look around the café to find out what the characters are doing. There will be instructions to follow and tasks to complete. This activity is for your own benefit to help you stay safe online.




Maths worksheet on time and perimeter. I have also allocated a game to you all on active learn called 'Marching Madness'







I'd like you this week to complete your homework either in your homework or online on OneNote. Your homework has been set on OneNote. Please login to Hwb and open up your Office 365 workspace. You will see an app there called one note, open this and select the Y5 2017-18 class notebook from the shared area. In there you have four sections, the one you will need for homework in the homework section. Click on Henry VIII autobiography and read the information within it. Click here for a help video.




Click here to access Active learn online to play the allocated game linked to this weeks learning. Enjoy.  







For this weeks homework I'd like you to research information about Henry VIII. Think about the following:

Who was he?

What was his childhood and youth like?

What was his interests?

Did he marry?

When and how did he die?

The work that you produce will support your class work next week. Please complete the work in your homework books.




Please can you take a look at J2blast on hwb. Play some games and develop your mental maths and quick fire multiplications. If you can't remember how to access hwb tools please click here to watch the video (top video)

From little acorns, tall oak trees grow