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Bread was a very popular food in Tudor times .  You could tell if they were rich or poor by what bread they ate.  If they were rich they ate bread made from white of wholemeal flour and if they were poor they ate bread made from rye and ground acorns.  


Tudor clothing was beautiful and ornate during Queen Elizabeth 1. Rich people could afford clothes made from Wool,linen and silk. Their clothes were decorated with jewels and threaded with gold.


Sir Francis Drake and the French armada went to war when the French Armada tried to invade England in the reign of King Henry 8.The French Armada tried to invade the south coast of England to tempt the Smaller fleet out of Portsmouth harbour. At the same time soldiers were put ashore on both the Isle of Wight and the Sussex coast.The English ships where driven sails and the French had a lot of rowing galleys.  





 Slave Trade

In the Tudor era slaves were used lots in mansions for coking cleaning and lots more tasks people don`t like doing.Men Women and Children were captured by local slaving parties on the West African  Cost and sold to traders.  


Watching plays became very popular during the Tudor times because of people like William Shakespeare.  The Globe Theatre was also built on the river Thames. Music was  very popular and important part in the Tudor times.  Henry the VIII was a very good musician he had 5 bagpipes ,78 recorders, 78 flutes and 1 mechanical virginal.  The Hurdy  Gurdy  is an unusual instrument  which seems to have bits of both a  violin and a small wheel with one hand while the other hand pressed down on some keys. In the Tudor times people had to  create their own entertainment. There were no electricity items such as MP3 , computers and televison and they could hardly even read.







Crime and Punishment

There were no police in the Tudor Times. Witchery and witchcraft was a large crime then, women were usually accused of witchcraft punishments included, being burnt alive, being hanged ,dunked underwater and left to drown or beheaded. People think if a criminals punishment was severe enough the act would not be repeated and others would deter from crime as well. 


The golden age of exploration began in the 15 century and lasted 200 years. There were two main reasons number 1 was adventure and number 2 was money. Portugal and Spain were exploring the coasts of Africa while Britain were were finding a northwestern route to Asia.


In Tudor towns there were bakers,butchers,fishmongers,brewer,cooks,weavers,tailors and robe makers,washerwomen of,shoemakers,building workers and hat makers.



From little acorns, tall oak trees grow