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We have moved on a lot with our phonics, so I have added another set of letter cards and the actions for each sound for you to practise at home . 

Please recap all sounds as regularly as you can and encourage the children to listen for initial sounds in CVC words. Once they are able to do this you can move on to final sounds and then the middle sounds. Finally, they can try building / writing their own CVC words.

Please find below some phonics cards and actions to help reinforce our recent phonics learning.

It would be great, if over half term you are able to recap these sounds and actions so that we can carry on with more sounds when we return. We use these cards daily in school, as the constant repetition helps the children retain the sounds they have been introduced to.

I have also included a video for phonics programme we use on YouTube and one of the Jolly Phonics songs. We use these when we introduce each letter / sound. If you can watch 'Mr Thorne does phonics' with the children that would be great as you can pause and focus on such things as the position of the focus letter in the word - for instance is it at the beginning, in the middle or at the end? You could also try helping your child to blend sounds to make words. 

You can reinforce other sounds by searching for more of these videos / songs on YouTube. 


I have also included some number rhyme cards to help with number formation and orientation. When helping the children to form numbers we often recite these rhymes. 


We appreciate your support with these activities, you won't believe how much difference 10 minutes a day will make all.


Many thanks


Dosbarth Derbyn Team

Jolly Phonics "t" Sounds

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Mr Thorne Does Phonics - Episode T

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