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European Languages Day - Finland


Finland is a Northern European nation bordering Sweden,Russia and Norway. There capital of Finland is Helsinki in the south of Finland. Helsinki is home to the 18th-Century sea fortress,Sumoenlinna. The Northern lights can be seen from the from the country's Arctic Lapland. Finland are famous for there incredible education system and the amount of ice cream eaten. Finland are also famous for there saunas and, mobile apps,ski resorts, the kids show Moomins and Angry Birds.Finland is believed to be the safest country in the world.Finns love salmiakki sweets.The coldest temperature measured is -51.5 degrees celsius.Finland have more saunas than cars.There are 187,888 lakes within Finnish territory.The Finish airline is called Finnair. Finland have a very good ice hokey team. Finland is ranked the happiest country in the world.Finland are famous for making cruise liners.Finland are very good st making cakes such as cinnamon rolls.The president of Finland is Sauli Niinisto.

From little acorns, tall oak trees grow