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Dydd Mercher

Hi we’re blogging from Storey Arms, Brecon. It’s Wednesday and we are up bright and early to start a new day. We went to the dark, wet and scary cave and had to do lots of hard and tricky challenges.


One of them was called the Worm Hole! It was very hard and lasted for about 10 metres we had to lie down and wriggle through a 40cm gap (it was hard) with our heads to the side.

The second one was the letter box. You got posted through it like superman and it was way easier than the Worm Hole.


The third didn’t have a name so Mr Eldridge named it Peepo Passage. For this challenge we had to go head first down a 1metre long hole (argghhh)! Afterwards, we squeezed through a small gap in between the wall and then pushed-up and wriggled through a tiny gap.

The fourth challenge was called the Cheese Press where you had to look at your shoulder, crouch and work your way through. There were a few more but we don’t have enough time to explain them all!


After a tough time in the cave, we had lunch and a toilet break. Then we struggled back in to our suits and clambered back down to the huge cave entrance to carry on our exiting caving adventure. After we had completed everything we headed back to the lovely, warm centre for hot showers to warm us up!


Finally we had our dinner we had a scrumptious roast dinner (YUM)! Afterwards we had lovely pancakes, vanilla ice cream, and hot chocolate sauce. After we had eaten supper we jumped in bed and fell fast asleep!

From little acorns, tall oak trees grow