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Alchemy Island - Synopsis

'Our games, your future'


Explore the island to find the memory machine.

Create a character ( to play the game).

Find clues to help you find the alchemist's machine.

Or do complete free roam play.

Will you survive ?!!



Enter the unknown world of Alchemy Island II and play as characters such as Zac, Jeff the wizard and much more. Progress through 20 levels and solve problem on the way. All to discover a mysterious machine that turns metal into pure gold, but it's powered by memories. Have you got what it takes?



This is a game for only 7+ There are 20 levels you have to complete them. You can choose out of the wizard called Jeff and a boy that is caring and loves to play with his friends called Zac. You can customize your own. There are also unicorns in different levels. This is placed in a forest.


Character description


If you choose to play as the standard characters here they are:

Jeff the wizard has a magic staff and has increased health, he can also make potions to help you .

Zac is a caring young man who has a six pack, wears sunglasses all the time and is pretty popular .

Susan is a cool girl, who can use technology and uses things to help you through your journey.

You can also make your own character !!!!



Jeff The Wizard - Jeff the wizard is a chirpy fellow and isn't afraid to speak up. He hold a staff full of magic and can turn someone into a frog with a swipe of his staff.

Zac - Zac is a caring boy who has a six pack, wears sunglasses and is pretty popular.

Susan - Susan is a cool girl who uses technology to do virtually everything.

Also customize your own character just for you.



Jeff the wizard - Jeff is funny and chirpy, holds a staff.

Zac- Zac is a loving Caring young boy that loves to play outdoors.

Susan- Susan uses technology and giggles a lot.

Custom- You can custom your own you can pick a boy or a girl, there hair color and much more.



Jeff is a good wizards he helps every body.

Zac is a character that you can pick out of.

Susan is a technology nerd, you can customs your own character in different.


Alchemy Island Instructions

1. Go onto the main menu and press start.

2. Create your character .

3. Start the campaign .

4. And the most important step is have fun!!!





1. Start by finding a map.

2. Once you have found the map follow it to a house.

3. On the way you will find chests on the way. The chests will have shields in them to increase your health.

4. When you find a house, go inside.

5. Discover the machine and see how to use it.



Step-1 Find a house. Step-2 Go in the house and find a machine.

Step-3 Go out the house.

Step-4 Find some UNICORNS! By the forest.

Step-5 And of Couse have fun.


Alchemy Island 2 Theme Tune.mp3

Game Planning

Game Designs


Alchemy Island 2 - Game maps

From little acorns, tall oak trees grow