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  1. QasimRahman says:

    “Do you want a story about objects and material? Well hears one”. Five years ago i made a robot and i really liked, it it’s name was Harry and Harry played with it’s creator, James.
    Also the material was metal, wires, batteries.”Of course it would have a remote controller, the other material are, wheels. That’s was all of the main parts”. I took it out for a spin and it ran out of charge in five minutes but it was flabbergasting and I did not expect it to be that good. So i went in and charged it. Suddenly it did not charge and i got frustrated. So i left it there for THREE WEEKS and it still did not charge.So i thought that was it the end of him. So i sold it to a friend and he was went home jumping with joy on his two little feet. Two days later he came back to t James’s house and shouted in his house, THIS IS THE BEST TOY ROBOT EVER! I was like, what? “It moves”. “Oh okay”. So in school and after we both played with it together. then we did rock, paper, scissors to determine who gets to give it to there kids. James won so he gave to him and a chain formed because that kept happening to James’ his friend then that kept going over and over.

    1. Mr Eldridge says:

      Da iawn Quasim, that would be disappointing seeing your robot working again after you gave it away. Need to focus on punctuation, many out of place here.

  2. MaisyWithers says:

    Each year Lyra went on holiday with her family to the beach. It was a family tradition to hold a competition to see who could find the most sea glass. By the time 30 minutes had past Lyra had collected 10 browns and 23 greens but she was still disappointed. “I wanted to find a blue!” She wailed, for blue was the rarest colour. “It’s not fair!”
    she stumbled over the rocks when she came across a thing that looked like a scroll. she picked it up and sure enough it was! The material felt like it had been written thousands of years ago and she thought she could just make out in spindly handwriting the words
    ‘Dear Sir Landsbottom’
    She tucked the scroll into her pocket, ran back to her family and jumped into the car and told her family every thing!

  3. HaneefahBackus says:

    And here I am, standing in the middle of St. David’s shopping center, wondering what shop to go to ‘TK Maxx or Next’ I thought to my self ‘Primark no, no, no, ooh maybe gap, OH YES! Maisy would love that’ I had made my decision I was going to go to go to gap. The cool breeze the shop contained as I walked in blasted on my warm face, while doing the same to every customer, I suddenly see a swag T-shirt I run over to the T-shirt and It was the only one left so I grab the T-shirt and the material felt like cotton and silk but mixed and stretchy and soft and it had a very funny meme which read ‘you cant see me, because I’m a flower’ and a picture of a husky dog in a field of purple tulips so i chose that one. So I ran over to the till to pay for it and Once I came home I wraped it up onceit was done I was of to maisys birthday party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!

    1. Mr Eldridge says:

      Good use of senses to describe your events. Need to work on punctuation – this is a long sentence:

      The cool breeze the shop contained as I walked in blasted on my warm face, while doing the same to every customer, I suddenly see a swag T-shirt I run over to the T-shirt and It was the only one left so I grab the T-shirt and the material felt like cotton and silk but mixed and stretchy and soft and it had a very funny meme which read ‘you cant see me, because I’m a flower’ and a picture of a husky dog in a field of purple tulips so i chose that one.

  4. Avah RoseShepperd says:

    Do you want a story, well here’s one- One day there was a hotel under the ground it was a 5 star hotel, I won a raffle to stay in to hotel for 2 nights. I was so HAPPY.
    So when I arrived I saw the most amazing thing a hotel could have, I saw a Jacuzzi so when I went into my room , I shoved my bathers on and went straight into the Jacuzzi and I was in there about a hour.
    When got out I grabbed a towel the material felt like I was in heaven OMG!!!.
    The softest thing I ever felt in years, eventually I had to go because my 2 nights were over, but sneakily I shoved the towel in my bag, What a PRIZE!!!

    1. Mr Eldridge says:

      You’ve paragraphed your work Avah, da iawn. Make sure you read over your work before you post it to check for errors in punctuation.

  5. JamesIstance says:

    Once James I was playing hunger games in Bryn Deri primary school with Cameron, Dylan, Danny, James s and Jacob. James I was running on the field with Cameron, Dylan, Danny and Jacob when suddenly the ground opened up and they fell through!
    “aaaaarrrrrggghh” they all screamed, and soon they hit the bottom.
    “ouch!” Danny said but the others weren’t listening they were looking at some sort of material. “what is that?” Dylan exclaimed “The material felt like silk.”
    . “Don’t touch that!” Cameron shouted but it was too late, Dylan was flying through the air. “oomph” Dylan said
    “I don’t think we should be here!
    “why?” Jacob asked.
    “just trust me, run!!!” screamed James I. to be continued ….

    1. Mr Eldridge says:

      Da iawn James, this piece of writing made me want to read on as I was wondering what was down the hole and what would happen. Good use of vocabulary instead of said.

  6. SerenNetherway says:

    The material felt like an expensive, fluffy coat. It is smooth and relaxing to touch as I move my fingers tips through the fur. It has the most wet, cold and tiny black nose that snuggles up to my face. As I pass my fingers along its back I reach out to its springy tail that bounces back to hit my hand. It has the most rough, sharp paws that reach out to touch me. His velvet ears flop down around his teddy bear face which I can cradle in my hands when I talk to him. He looks through his loving eyes at me as I smooth his woolly underbelly and stretches out his feathered legs. As he gently falls asleep across my body I feel his warmth and the beating of his heart. He is my lovely dog Blue.

  7. EunLee says:


    Lucky and Unlucky was in another world, together in very cold weather. They suddenly noticed they were wearing elf clothes. They saw a very large house in front of them saying “SANTA’S FACTORY”. They both were excited, and said cheerfully “THIS IS MY LUCKY DAY!!” They went inside, and saw elves working hard. They suddenly saw a large, old person and knew straight away, that it was Santa. Then Santa said nicely “Hello Lucky and Unlucky, hope you will help me.”
    They had a job of making clothes for the children, and to give it for X-mas. Firstly they went into the room to work. They chose some material, the material felt like cotton, soft, itch and smooth. Santa said to them thank you and that Unlucky would have a bit more presents, because he called unlucky. They went though the door and back home, they thought that lots of hours were passed, but not a single minute had passed.

  8. DannySaunders says:

    One day a little boy named Mathew was playing out on the street with his friend Jacob. They were walking down to the park; it was getting late and the two boys saw a clown following them, they ran to the alley way but once they got to the end they found themselves in a graveyard. They were running down the graveyard and they found themselves in a underground passage way. They walked down the passage way and came up threw a trap door then they saw someone move. Then they went into a closet and Jacob found something the materiel felt like metal they shone the piece into the light and it was gold, the two boys escaped from the closet and ran home.

    Danny Saunders

    1. Mr Eldridge says:

      Da iawn Danny, exciting, I wanted to know where they were going, therefore the writing kept me reading which is the main aim. Try not to use the word then all the time.

  9. JamesBowden says:

    James Bowden 16th October 2016
    I was on a family trip with my brother my baby brother my dad and my Mum, and we were going to the coal mines. It took us two and a half hours to get there but when we got there it looked amazing. When we went in to the coal mine I saw gems and all kind of loot. We went further in the mine then it was starting to get realy dark, but we kept going on in further and further. When we reached a dead end I felt something. The material felt like animals fur ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a giant bear.

  10. DominicLaycock says:

    One day when I woke up from bed, my dad screamed at me “I’ve made a new potion!” He shot out side starting to make a little stall. He called me over to help. I thought that he would make no money at all, but It turned out that I was really wrong, he made millions. I soon realized what it did because he fed it to his pet parrot and it turned into a flying carpet. The material felt like a really soft  tiger when I stroked it.  
    Next morning I woke up the potion was in my cup!          

  11. JacobMcCallum says:

    I am in the changing rooms getting ready to play my very first international Wales game. I can hear all the fans cheering us to come on, and we are all very eager to get started. I keep worrying about how I’m going to play. I can smell wet grass as well as mouldy socks. We have our team talk and we finally get our shirts. The material felt like a silky soft feather, I touch the shirt and it feels strong but very light. We all start to come out of the tunnel, the floodlights are shining bright and warm for our night game. We jog over to our positions and the referee loudly blows his whistle for the game to begin.

  12. PhoebeDavies says:

    Do you know about Glamour island? Well I will let you in on a secret ! It’s famous for being the first island made out of clothes. Glamour island is filled with people who love to design and who like to let their imaginations go wild with ideas for clothes. The person who discovered Glamour island was called Carla Davies, and she invented a new clothing range made out of tin foil and paper. The material felt like it was expensive but it was very cheep to use and very stylish. Now people all over the world are wearing her clothes everyday.

    1. Mr Eldridge says:

      A new fashion, I wonder 😉 Well done Phoebe, well written sentences. You’ve extended sentences using commas and connectives. Could you use more ambitious connectives?

  13. JamesSmith says:

    The material felt like nothing I’d ever felt before. The fabric of the magic coat was smooth as silk and as black as night. It was given to me by my mother, she found it a strange shop in town although she did not know that it was magic. The first time I put the coat on I turned invisible! I felt different as I put it on, I almost felt like I was floating and I went to see what was wrong in the mirror. I could not see myself in the slightest!

    1. Mr Eldridge says:

      Just imagine, the fun you could have with that coat. Well done James, a creative piece of writing. Don’t forget to read over your work, you may find missing words.

  14. LouieIons says:

    One day iwoke up and it was time to go get a new sofa because my old one was reacted by evil misses Daves and evil Amber my dog had a party and it got reacted . When I arrived at the sofa place we went n and a man came up to me and said ” what material do you want ?” And I said I would like the fluffy one and my mum asked me why so I said because the material felt like a fluffy dog . A couple of days later the fluffy sofa came ,and that is the end of the sofa story.

    1. Mr Eldridge says:

      Good effort Louie, however read over your work, read it out loud. Check for missed punctuation and to make sure sentences make sense.

  15. GraceLambert says:

    It was Halloween and Mummy and I were walking down the street when I noticed a dark, gloomy house. That wasn’t there before, I thought. I carried on walking when all of a sudden there was a flash. “Did that light just turn on?” I said to Mum. “What light?” replied Mummy. “The one over there in that house!” I exclaimed. “Stop joking Grace.” Mummy said. But I wasn’t joking, there was definitely a house there.

    So I went to investigate and tiptoed into the house. I went into a room which looked like it was supposed to be a living room. Then suddenly a ghost appeared out of the darkness. I was terrified and started running away from it. I saw a light switch and turned the lights on. I found a wardrobe to hide in and I watched as the ghost walked by. I peeked out of the wardrobe and noticed it had feet. I crept out of the wardrobe and pulled the sheet off. The material felt like my bed sheet. I was surprised to see that under the bed sheet was Max. He was playing a trick on me the whole time.

    By Grace

  16. MaxSmart says:

    There once was a big disaster 17 robbers had escaped the prison. The scary thing was that the police went looking for them. They found one of them but he ran and they got led to a wall with no man in sight. After that I know it was dangerous but we went after them at night we follow a guy to the exact same wall but we felt it and it was material the material felt like a cotton explosion it was leaver with cotton inside and under neigh was a door. Inside was the prisoners and the police got them all thanks to me and my friends for being brave.

    Week 4 homework

    1. Mr Eldridge says:

      Well done Max, however you’ve changed from 3rd person to 1st person. Read over your work, read it out loud to check for any mistakes you may have made.

  17. DylanCobley says:

    The haunted shop
    One night on Halloween a boy called Jimmy went out trick or treating and when he was walking down the street he saw a broken down shop. He decided to go in but when he looked at the counter he saw what looked like a pirate wolf. When Jimmy saw the pirate wolf he screamed and nearly fainted. The pirate wolf looked around and pounced on top of Jimmy so Jimmy fell down onto the ground. Jimmy put his hands on the ground and the material felt like the blood of people who have been scramed by a wolfs claw. Just as Jimmy felt like nobody could save him a man opened the door of the shop and said”Down PW now get off”.
    The man helped Jimmy up and Jimmy said “I thought that your pet was trying to eat me”. The man gave Jimmy some sweets and Jimmy went out of the shop to do some more trick or treating.

    1. Mr Eldridge says:

      A horrible thought, what a nasty trick to play on someone. Read over your work out loud. Have you missed any punctuation, or could you change some and add connectives?

  18. AnwenDubberley says:

    My object is a cushion. It is made out of a old T-shirt and some felt. I think feels soft, bouncy and squidgy. It is not really squidgy but quite squidgy. My sister made it for our dog, Woody. It is red and has a giant W in the left corner. The material felt like it has been worn for a long time because you can feel the stuffing inside. I will now describe the W made out of the felt. The material felt like it was brand new but I am pretty sure it wasn’t because we have lots of old pieces in our massive craft box.

  19. AbigailCole says:

    The material felt like…
    There was once a cloth maker and he lived in a small hut far from people. He weaved amazing cloth to be sold to the local tailor who lived in the next village. One time the tailor asked for extra special material for an extra special jacket was going to make. So the cloth maker asked the spinner for extra special yarn and the spinner asked the shepherd for her finest fleece. The shepherd chose the fleece from her favourite sheep. The sheep had long wavy wool which was incredibly soft. The spinner spun the special yarn and the cloth maker made the special cloth. The tailor loved the cloth. He said the material felt like the softest cloth he had ever felt!

  20. EvieWilliams says:

    This week I have decided to write a script
    This week is “the material felt like…”

    A dog or not a dog… that is the question:
    Scene 1:
    In the kitchen

    Evie and Carla: Mum can we get a dog?

    Mum: Hmm I’ll think about it… alright!

    Evie and Carla: Yessssssss

    Scene 2:
    In the dog rescue centre

    Evie: Finally we’re here

    Carla: Now we can pick our dog.

    Carla: I want a fluffy one

    Evie: I want a chubby one!

    (Stroll around rescue centre)

    Evie: I’ve definitely chosen my dog, it’s that chubby pug, I want to name it Dr.Chubs

    Carla: Thats funny because I wanted that one as well!

    Mum: Ok then you can have that one

    (Go buy the dog)

    Scene 3:
    In the pet shop

    Mum: We need to by a bed, but what will Dr.Chubs like?

    Evie: I think he will like that blue and grey one over there.

    Mum: Yeah why not, but there is one over in the corner, I’ve felt it before and the material felt like cotton wool.

    Carla: I agree with mum we should buy that one.

    (Buy the bed)

    Scene 4:
    In the car on the way home

    Carla: I’m glad we bought treats for Dr.Chubs!

    Carla: Do you want a treat Dr.Chubs

    ( In a really deep voice)
    Yes, I’ll have two…!

    Evie, Carla and Mum:
    ( Gasp)

    By Evie

    1. Mr Eldridge says:


      funny ending. Well done Evie, a different piece of writing – a script, but still including the prompt. The script is correctly set out, da iawn.

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