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Alchemy Island 2 - Synopsis

Step into a world of adventure. Collect objects and use your mind to complete challenges. Work your way through strange and slightly scary places. Watch out for some scary spooks! Good luck you’re going to need it!

Let your imagination run wild!



Step into a world full of rumors and mysteries. You will travel through 10 levels climbing up hills, getting past spookes and candy lollypops. So come and see if you can complete this game.



Let your imagination run wild with our new and improved game, in this game you will have to search for different things to complete the letter and you can find bonuses on your way. Hope for good luck as there is a couple of spooks along the way, one more thing will you complete it? No one knows ...



Let your imagination run wild with alchemy island 2 Collect objects and solve puzzle's to survive. Complete levels to earn coins travel to mysterious lands Also watch out for granny's house, she is fast! Explore candy land but... its not all candy also some spooks!


Alchemy Island 2 Instructions 


  1. You will spawn in a wood. Find the hidden golden balls for a surprise!
  2. After you have completed the level you will arrive at a freaky house with hidden stop watches and some more...
  3. Watch out! Poisoned lollypops whatever you do don’t touch them you will lose points
  4. Have fun! Let your imagination run wild!




1. Click the start button,

2. Begin the awesome game,

3. Once you've finished [After a while] with lots of new information in your brain,

4. Now for the finale but most important instruction HAVE FUN!!!



  1. First of all you spawn in a woods not knowing where you are.
  2. Collect Golden balls and secret letters to complete levels.
  3. Enter the granny's house for a surprise , But watch out.
  4. Also Watch out for Poisoned lollypops in the land of Candy




1. You spawn in the woods

2. Second you collect all the golden balls hidden with a secret letter and another mystery,

3. Next you come across an old lady begging you to come in her house,

4. In the house you need to escape by find the watch for added time next round,

5. You reached the next round get past the spooky candy lollypops to survive,

6. The land ahead has the room full of rumors if you reach the room you'll find the gold machine,

7. You search for missing letters for the alchemist letter it will show as a map to the machine,

8. Now for the finale instruction you have found the machine which turns memories into gold.


Alchemy Island 2 Character Description

Olivia- Olivia is a smart and funny girl with a lot of sense and fun! She enjoys adventures and going hiking up hills all the time! Olivia also has a sense of humor and also is very bossy! she likes to go in forests and many more adventures places.


Ethan- Ethan is a funny and energetic boy who enjoys running and football and more sport including cricket, hockey and more! He can also be bossy just like Olivia! he may be energetic but also can be lazy!

he also likes climbing and hiking.




Olivia- Olivia is one of the main characters in our new game. Olivia betrays a mysterious girl who likes to solve problems. She has a hint of humour although she likes to be the boss and take charge. With her bright blue eyes and dark long brown hair she is still like every girl her age.


Ethan- Ethan is another main character who betrays a normal and honest boy but like Olivia he is full of secrets ready to be revealed. His personality is energetic and he loves to go on adventures to explore all the time like getting past obstacle courses and climbing up mountains.



Ethan -

Ethan is annoying, energetic and hyper but a good person overall. He will help his friends when he is needed, and he is good at climbing, a fast runner and has got a good aim and most importantly he's funny.


Olivia -

Olivia is pretty, sensitive and she will not hesitate to take a shot she is good at knots, electronics and overall cool ? She is also a good problem solver and that will come in handy...



Ethan - Ethan is a funny boy who enjoys rugby and football and much more He can also be bossy just like Olivia he may be quite crazy but also can be lazy.


Olivia – Olivia is a bossy but pretty girl Ethan finds her very annoying but they get along sometimes. She is a very adventurous and sneaky girl .Watch out for her in the woods.


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Game cover design


From little acorns, tall oak trees grow