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The Thrive Approach

Bryn Deri is an accredited 'Thrive' school. We focus on the ‘whole child,’ specifically social and emotional needs and how to look at behaviour as a form of communication. All our staff are trained each year on the Thrive Approach; the neuroscience behind behaviour and practical strategies to use with children.


We are delighted to now have the accreditation to be able to run ‘Family Thrive’ for parents and carers. This is a six-week course running every Wednesday afternoon beginning on the 8th of June. The course will be led by Miss Evans (ALNCo) and Miss Bailey in the Kitchen Pod.


Spaces are limited, but we hope to continue to run this course in the future so please do not be disappointed if a space is not available for you at this time.


Access to this course is via application which can be found below. Once you have sent in the form below, please do not assume you have a space – we will let you know if you can be accommodated and when. 

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