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Gwaith Catref


Gwaith Catref- Half term:

Homework over half term will need to be completed by the first Monday back.


Homework is to prepare a presentation. This will be about the pros and cons of evacuation. Prepare a balanced presentation considering both positive and negative aspects of being an evacuee during the war. You may prepare prompts to guide you, however do not include too much detail, for example in a powerpoint that will tempt you to read straight from the screen.


Capital letters and punctuation will be provided.



Problem solving perimeter:

Most of the class will need to follow this link. You will need to answer questions 1-4, do not answer question 5


A hard copy sheet will also be given out in addition. 




Gwaith Catref-


This homework will need to be completed by Wednesday.


This week I would like year 6 to focus on their literacy skills. Year 6 will soon be set the challenge to produce wonderful diaries. But before attempting to even start writing them, we must complete the initial process. In class we have started to identify features of a diary. Homework will include researching and presenting information.


Create a mind-map about the life of evacuees during the war. (A guide sheet has been provided to each pupil.)




Gwaith Catref- 


This homework will need to be completed by the following Wednesday. 


  • Literacy- Homophones (an area we need to work hard on year 6!)
  • Numeracy- Online interactive games- Averages 


A reminder, please make sure all ICT digital literacy comic strips have been completed and saved to your HWB accounts. 



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