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Estyn Inspection Reports

The School was most recently inspected in November 2019;


'The school is a welcoming and vibrant community that provides a stimulating learning environment for its pupils. Nearly all pupils show positive attitudes and speak with enthusiasm about the experiences the school provides. Most develop a broad range of skills successfully as they move through the school. All staff have positive working relationships with pupils and support and challenge them to achieve well. They provide meaningful opportunities for pupils to shape the direction of their learning and to influence decisions about the daily life of the school. The school provides very effective support to improve the wellbeing and progress of individual pupils through a beneficial range of interventions. Leaders set a clear strategic direction for the school. They foster strong links with the local community that enrich pupils’ experience well. Governors have a very good understanding of the school’s strengths and areas for improvement and contribute purposefully to securing improvements.'



From little acorns, tall oak trees grow