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Alchemy Island 2 - Synopsis 


In our amazing game, Alchemy Island 2, you will spawn in an old house in WWII. The Germans have captured you, and you are locked in a room, where you find an old piece of a letter that describes an old machine that burns memories, to have the ability to turn any metal into pure gold. Part of the letter is missing, but it tells the finder of the letter to go and search outside near the countryside of Germany. You escape through a window and begin your journey. There are 5 levels for you to pass, the 1st being a forest trek (in all of the levels you should look out for gold coins and other pieces of the letter, to get other suits for your character with coins, and put together the pieces of the letter at the end of every level to follow the instructions), the 2nd is a countryside with sinkholes, the 3rd is a cave, the 4th will be a tunnel of trees and the 5th being around a swamp. Good luck! You'll need it - more than you would have thought...


Enter the world of Alchemy Island 2 – the game. In this game, you are stuck in an old house in WW2 and you have to solve complicated problems and heart breaking decisions to try and escape. When you do, you will have to find pieces of a letter to eventually find the memory machine that can turn any metal into pure gold. Everything is down to you, will you make it?...



You enter a world full of mystery's that you cannot deny and pass through the levels and explore the mysteries that lie ahead of you. Do you think you can do it? Will it be easy? Do you think you can do it?


Alchemy Island - Instructions


1. First, choose your character out of Olivia, Jack and Tomos, or customize your own one from different gender, clothing, hair and skin colour. You can also name your character different things.


2. Next, begin your game after listening to/watching the short tutorial which tells you what to do in it. You begin in a house in WWII where the Germans have captured you, so you find the letter and off you go! You have 3 lives per level, and if you loose them all you have to restart that certain level. (levels last for 2-3 mins depending on how fast you are). Coins and pieces of the letter can be found on every level, and you can use the coins to buy things for your character and then you put together the pieces of the letter in the end, and follow the instructions on it.


3. Look out for dangers such as sinkholes, deadly creatures and other possibilities that could make you loose a life. These will appear more commonly in the 4th and 5th levels.


4. At the end of every level you will put together the pieces and follow the instruction as they will help you to work your way through the next level.


5. When you have completed the whole game you get 1000 coins for the next game as a reward. Good luck! As we always say, 'We recreate games for others to recreate how we play them!'



1. First, click on the game icon and create an account

2. Start the game by selecting a character 

3. After picking a character, press the play button to begin

4. When you’ve done start playing the game 

5. Play the game by solving problems and making decisions to find the memory machine

6. And most importantly... HAVE FUN!



  1. Go to the menu and press the start button to begin your adventure.
  2. To walk press W
  3. Walk 10 yards and then look down.
  4. Do you see a letter     
  5. Read the letter and carry on with your journey.


Alchemy Island - Character Description



Olivia -


Olivia is the kindest, caring, happy and nerdish-type person of the trio. She always jumps into conversations when people are stuck, but she can also be a little bit silly, thankfully in a nice way. She can speak many different languages such as Dutch, Swedish, Indian and Mandarin Chinese. Even if you are really rude to her, she will never get really cross with you. She loves playing cards, and she is 13.


Jack -


Jack is the least sensible person you could ever meet, because he never really listens to anyone apart from himself. He apparently 'can't think strait', so he says. His hobby is secretly listening in to other peoples conversations, then talking about them to the people that said them, just to be annoying. Surprisingly, he is the oldest at 14, but he acts as if he is a huge 3-year-old. He sleep talks and snores very loudly so people sleeping within 100 meters of him won't be able to get any sleep at all during the night. He is always happy when he annoys people and then, obviously, they get mad at him.


Tomos -


Tomos is a timid, sensible boy of 12, and enjoys listening to classical music on the radio in his family car. He doesn't talk much, unless he is really meant to. He likes playing older games like hop-scotch and skipping, and some people even call him girly! He also enjoys reading long detective books from authors such as Agatha Christie and will read them over and over again so he can use it in his spare time. He also sleepwalks all over the town at night, never crashing into anything. He sucks his thumb when he is scared and gives in to practically anything.





Tom is an energetic and high tech boy. He is an expert with technology and can help if needed. He also likes sports including: football, cricket and Tae kwon do. He is a mathematic master and uses that as an advantage to solving problems and is also brilliant with the outdoors



Miles is a happy chap and has a good ability with music. He has a good sense of humour and can help his teammates in a flash. He is good at solving mysteries and also likes sport including: football, rugby and cricket.



Carys is a funny little girl that can solve problems easily and is good with her history. She isn't good with sports but is flexible and can fit into small spaces. She is also good with maths and also with the outdoors.



Main characters. Miles , Tom B.

Tom is a energetic and high tech boy and the expert with technology and really good at math.

Miles is a happy boy and he is good at being a DJ also he has a sense of humour and good at foot ball and also good at solving mysteries.

Carys is a little girl that can solve problems easily , no time she is good at math also really funny girl and a good at looking out.




Bob the magician plays tricks on you and sometime he can be really silly and sometimes plays games hilariously. He is a funny man and our group really like him and he is also a really nice man.



Jeff is the leader, he is always angry but sometimes he can be a lot of fun.


Alchemy Island 2 Theme Tune

From little acorns, tall oak trees grow