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Eisteddfod Competition

It is that time of year again where we celebrate our patron saint of Wales, St David. As part of the celebrations, Bryn Deri host their annual Eisteddfod. This is where the children compete in a variety of competitions. This years competitions are:

  • Class song - Sosban Fach
  • Class poem - Pysgod
  • Indivudual poem - I will
  • Individual art - Davy Lamps
  • Individual handwriting - Writing of the 'Pysgod Poem'
  • Home work task - Cymru yn y dyfodol - Wales in the future


Below are links for some of the above competitions for you to practice:



Sospan Fach

"Sospan Fach" "Little Saucepan"

I Will... Wales

An inspiring video about our home country. Children will take the beginning of each line, 'I will...' and complete each sentence to create their own poems, titled: 'This is my Country'.

From little acorns, tall oak trees grow