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This screencast demonstrates how you access Hwb, Hwb+, J2 software, Office 365 and Encyclopaedia Britannica. Hope this is helpful :)

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How do you earn coins and get around active learn? Diolch to Scott for demonstrating how to do it.

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This page provides information on the weeks homework.




This weekends homework is set with the theme of 'Scream Machine' in mind. You will be learning about changing different variables, forces, speed, time through using ICT.  


Click here to take you to a simulation of a roller coaster. Within this simulation you can change a  number of variables, e.g. speed, gravity, height of drop etc. Think about answering the following questions:

  • Can you change these variables to help the little cart get from one side to the other?
  • What do you notice?
  • What happens if you change them?
  • What happens if you make it a fair test by only changing 1 variable at a time? Try this with different variables.
  • Can you try to get the fastest time without the cart falling off the track?


Enjoy, but keep in mind the science behind the fun.  




The homework for half term will support the children's learning in class. Prior to half term and SRE week the children were given a project to complete based on creating their own Summer Camp. This included writing a business plan which would include, what they were going to create, where, when and how. They were also asked to create a map of the site which included measurements of facilities. We will be looking at budgeting and setting up an open day for the launch of their Summer Camp.


As homework I'd like the children to create their own 3D model of their summer camp so that they can present it within class when they present the other areas of their project. The 3D model can be created using recycled materials or other materials that you may have laying around. The model should demonstrate some of the facilities that they are including in the Summer Camp.  If you are in contact with your partner for the project you may create one model together.




Literacy - This weeks 100wc is:


Things to think about:

  • Before you start to write, have a plan in mind to make sure all the words are included.
  • Make your piece as creative as possible. Really use your imagination!
  • Make sure your post is logical.




Literacy - Practice scripts for filming of A Tale Unfolds


Numeracy - Abacus game allocated: Balloon Pop and Reel it in. Enjoy.






This weeks homework is all about discussion and calculating the amount of water you use at home. I'd like you to calculate your water usage on the BBC website, click here. You may want to ask your parents for a little support and discuss the usage as you go through the calculations. Think about some questions:

Do we use this device/amount all year round?

Could we save the amount of water we use?

Could we recycle some of the water used?

Where does all the water come from?

Are we using more or less than other families I wonder? 

This last question will lead us on to next weeks work. Please bring the figure with you to school on Monday.


17/2/17 - Half Term Homework



Explore ways in which rivers, streams and canals can be used for fun or leisure. Write a short report on your findings.

Think about your personal experiences. Write about an event, holiday or sport that you have done on or near water. Maybe you'd like to include a picture smiley



Water is a necessity in our daily lives. Can you find some figures and facts relating to water usage/consumption?

Discuss with your parents: How much water do you use in your household? Take a look at water bills and look at the costs of water. 


How you present your half term homework is down to your creative minds and independent thinking. If you are using Office 365, then you may email me your homework: 



Practice Eisteddfod performances of the song and poem. These can be found here




English: You have already photocopied this weeks descriptive writing from your literacy book. Please could you write this up onto your shared script as scene 4 on Office 365. There is 4 of you in your group, if you are the first person to write scene 4, write yours up. If somebody has already written their piece of writing, please read it, assess it, amend it and add to it. By the end of the weekend/Monday/Tuesday you'll have your 4th scene completed and written up.


Science: On J2vote there is a quiz about this weeks investigations on space, rockets and the forces placed onto it. How many questions can you answer correctly? We will look at the answers and results in graph form once everyone has answered. Pob lwc!




English: 100 word challenge. Your prompt this week is:


… as the weather changed, they …


Things to consider:

  • What were the weather conditions and how did they change?
  • What were they planning to do?
  • Did they have to change what they were doing?


Maths: Abacus game allocated for you.




I'd like you to research 5 technological inventions of the 20th century? In your homework book draw a picture of the invention and write down some information about it:

  • who invented it
  • when it was invented
  • what it does
  • who uses it
  • any other relevant information.




Homework with a difference this week. Were going to try a flipped classroom approach. This is where you research, investigate and gain greater knowledge and understanding about the topic at home, ready to apply this and have more time to develop skills in class.


The homework this week is on Hwb in our class area. I have created a playlist with websites, YouTube clips and encyclopaedia Britannica links on The Greenhouse effect and Global Warming. There is no need to go searching for websites! 


I'd like you to read through the sites and watch the video clips on these topics to gain a greater understanding and increase your knowledge. At the end of the playlist there is a quiz to answer. The results from your quiz will be seen by Mr Eldridge only so that I can see how much you have learnt for next weeks lessons.


Enjoy a pob lwc!  


Click here to link to the Hwb site.




100wc - This weeks prompt is:

…as the smoke cleared…

Things to think about:

  • Where is the smoke coming from?
  • What do you see as it clears?
  • Is it good or bad or dangerous?
  • What does it smell like?


Think about including some connectives that have been discussed in class to extend your sentences:

because, therefore, while, whereas, nevertheless, however, finally, as a result, consequently, and any others you may know.


Good luck!


Spellings have been provided based on vocabulary used within our topic. Please use the look, cover, write, check sheet to help ready for the test on the 10th of November.


Maths - An abacus game has been allocated online for you, enjoy whilst learning smiley




Please click on the word document below to access the homework smiley



Literacy - Once again, we have part of a sentence for you to use in your 100 words. Remember, you must use it as it is written here and keep as near as you can to the magic 100 words! The prompt is:

…the material felt like..

Things to consider:

  • What is the object?
  • What sort of material was it made of?
  • what vocabulary helps describe touch?


Maths - Some of you were missing games that should have been allocated to you. I have now managed to allocate them, check your account. For the rest of you, keep playing the games that you have been allocated to recap on previous weeks learning. Have fun and earn more coins! There is a small video on this weeks topic of subtracting, watch this to earn more coins :) And don't forget to keep practicing your times tables also!




Literacy - 100wc


The prompt this week will need some careful thinking. You can take it in so many directions so do be as creative as you can. The prompt is:

…then the lock clicked and…


Maths - An active learn game has been allocated to you to build up your coins. This weeks game is based on time.




​Literacy - 100wc


After the special prompt of the last two weeks, we go back to some words. There are five in total and they all have to go into your writing. They can be in any order. They are:

…pink,   giraffe,   drilling,   teacher,   quietly…

Make sure you think about your story before you start writing so that you can include them all and the story makes sense.


​Maths - Active learn game and video has been allocated. Use these to help with your Big Maths also.




Literacy - 100 word challenge


This week I'd like you to try and post your 100 words on the blog. If you are unable to do this then please write it in your homework book.


This weeks prompt is based around World Peace day (21st of September). The prompt is:


Who will you make peace with?


  • You can be yourself and write about friends and family
  • You could think about it from the point of view of a world leader
  • You could be a fighter in an area where there is conflict
  • You could be a child in a war torn country.


Maths - Abacus game allocated on this weeks learning, multiplying and dividing decimal numbers.




Literacy - 100 Word Challenge from:


Special Prompt

Have you ever woken from a dream and been able to trace back where all the bits came from? Well that’s what the BFG does with his dream catcher net and then he bottles each bit to mix them together.

Some of you may not know the work of Roald Dahl so for this special prompt you can choose.


  • You can choose to be your favourite character and tell the story of an adventure you go on. Don’t retell Mr. DAhl’s version, create your own!


  • You can mix a dream for someone. Think about their character and what sort of dream you would like them to have. What happens when they wake up?


Maths - Active Learn games


From little acorns, tall oak trees grow