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Bryn Deri’ s School Council is known as SWAT which stands


for School Watch Action Team.


Each year, one boy and one girl from Year 2 to Year 6 are


elected by their class as SWAT representatives.


We have joined SWAT because we all want to help be part of


change in school, to make a difference and to share our ideas.


At our meetings we discuss any ideas or comments or


problems that have been suggested by our fellow pupils.


Sometimes the suggestion box is very full!


We give presentations on Anti-Bullying and Red Nose


Day and we also work with the ECO Committee such as looking


at Hot Spots and Grot Spots around school.


SWAT 16 January 2015


Inspection of School Toilets


Bryn Deri SWAT looked carefully at the toilets in our school.


We are pleased to report that there is pink soap in all but one toilet.  Everyone prefers this soap.

There is green soap in the Year3/5 boys’ toilet.  No-one is using it because it smells fishy. It is never going to be used so we recommend that it be replaced with pink soap.


The hand dryer in the Year3/5 boys’ toilet is broken.


We discussed if it would be better to replace the electric hand-driers with paper towels and bins.  We thought it would save electricity and paper towels are cleaner.  However, we also thought that paper towels might make more mess, children would use more than they need and so not save money and some children might put them down the toilets and block them. Signs would help stop this.


One door lock in the boys’ toilet in  Reception/Year&5/Year4&6 is stiff.

One door lock in Year4/6 boys’ toilet is missing.


There is no ‘How to wash your hands’ sign  on the girls side in Reception.or in Year4/6 girls’ toilet or in Year1/2 boys’ toilet.

The ‘How to wash your hands’ sign in the Year1/2 girls’ toilet is too high.


There is no mirror on the Year1/2 boys’ toilet.

The mirror in theYear4/6  girls’ toilet is cracked.


There is a really squeaky door in the Year 3/5 girls’ toilet.


The flush in one toilet in both the boys’ and girls’ toilets for Year 4/6 seem slow.


Some small signs are peeling.


We thought that there could be more picture messages  about water such as a Water Aid charity poster  to remind us about how precious water is.  Water facts are too wordy and perhaps people will not bother reading them.  Perhaps there are some colourful transfers that are not too young for the Juniors to cheer up the walls and doors.




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