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Alchemy Island 2 - Synopsis

'We make you play professionally' 


Its time to enter a world of mysteries and magic time to find out the secrets of an unexplored world time to discover the unknown, find your way around unforgettable challenges leading you up to a magical matachin which who knows what will do, but the question is who will live and who will die!

"E D H, Gaming professionally"




The game takes place on an island a long long way from home. You have to collect clue coins to get clues where the treasure is so shiny you wont believe your eyes. Will you die our not? 



You enter the world of Alchemy II and play as characters such as mini Olivia, Jeff and Bob. There are three levels and when you're in the game you can get coins. It's a brilliant game to play for kids and family so it is up to you who you want to pick.


Alchemy Island 2 - Character Description


Bob is very smart, and all ways has a idea. 

Bob is really friendly in his heart but he doesn't  like to show it.

He is very funny he make ever body happy when they are sad. 

Bob is very good at sports and good  at math's. 



Mine is funny at puts a smile on every body's face. 

Mine is  happy all of the time and  she there when you need help.

She loves every body  she is  a lovely friend to have.

Mine is good at art she will make lovely things.

Mine is friendly and she is so  good at making good things when we need them the most.




Mini is funny thoughtful and happy. Never lets anything get in her way and is really intelligent, even if she is feeling down or is struggling with something she never likes to show it! Mini is a brilliant problem solver and is a good detective. You can always count on Mini as she is a brilliant friend and never lets anyone down.



Bob is very silly but can be stubborn at times. Thanks to Mini he is a brilliant problem solver and never lets anything get him down! He can be helpful and serious but after a while he gets bored and starts being silly again. Mini and Bob are both in to find the machine and make a brilliant team with a mix of happyness and problem solving.




Bob is very confident and some times too confident. He will try extremely hard at every job that he does in the game. Occasionally will need someone else to stop him from hurting himself, because he is quite stubborn.


Mini is similar to Bob in many ways, but is different as well. Mini feels lots of emotions but doesn’t like to show any. Her emotions will build up and then come out quite raw. She is also very stubborn and a bit of a control freak.


Alchemy Island Instructions



  1. First press the play button
  2. Press A to move foreword
  3. Press B to move backwards
  4. S to move right
  5. And finally W to move left
  6. Press the question which should come up at the side of your screen and so on
  7. Complete all of the challenges and find the secrets of the mystery machine!



Tap play to start

When you have done that you can go in a level and get coins

And then when you are done you will see how many coins you have

You can choose out of Mini and Bob it is a really good game

You can get a new thing in the game

You and your family can play the game if you want to.


Alchemy Island II theme tune 1.mp3

Alchemy Island II theme tune 2.mp3

Alchemy Island II theme tune 3.mp3

Alchemy Island 2 - Game cover designs

Alchemy Island 2 - Game maps

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