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Bryn Deri Primary School acknowledges the importance of its role in the welfare of young people, and through the general ethos of the school.  We are committed to ensuring the safety and protection of all children and will take action to safeguard their wellbeing and acknowledge that children have a right to protection. Staff and governors are kept up to date in their roles to ensure that pupils are safe by participating in annual Safeguard training.


Every child has the right to be protected from being hurt or badly treated (Article 19 UN Convention on the Rights of the Child)


Mrs C Davies (Headteacher) is the Designated Child Protection Teacher and Mrs M James (Acting Deputy Headteacher) is the Deputy Designated Child Protection Teacher. It is their role to ensure that all of the child protection procedures are followed within the school, and to make appropriate, timely referrals in accordance with school procedures. The school works closely with other professionals and agencies to further secure the safety of all our pupils and we are an Operation Encompass School.




The school puts pupils’ safety and security as an essential priority. Visitors must “sign-in” using the electronic system and wear appropriate identification. All staff and volunteer appointments are subject to a valid DBS. All staff are vigilant and take care that the school’s safety and security measures are followed. The Headteacher and caretaker ensure the securing and alarming of the property. There are surveillance cameras operating in the school grounds and side areas of the school. Fire alarms are checked regularly and fire drills undertaken each term to practice emergency evacuation procedures. 

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